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Computer Artworks by Kevin D. Smith

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Artist Statement

When Ken Stange first approached me about putting up an exhibition of my work on the Web, we both assumed it would be comprised of recent pieces. This was a reasonable assumption on our parts at that time, since I was working full-time as an artist. Two days after our initial discussion, I had the opportunity to publish an e-zine on the Web, so I took up that project as well. So I became a part-time artist, but since I had a number of works nearing completion, it seemed likely that the exhibition would still be mostly new works.

Shortly after this, I was offered a job working with youth in a residential facility. This was going to offer a steady income and I have some rather expensive art projects in mind, so I also took up this offer. As a result, I have become a part-part-time artist and the exhibition has become a retrospective.

Virtually the entire Web audience is unfamiliar with my work anyway, so this is not a bad way to go. The computer art I have chosen to exhibit is from the last 4 years. The earliest works were created with nothing more than a paint program. Later works include elements of scanning, fractals and ray-tracing, or are entirely ray-traces themselves.

Over a four year period, any artist's focus and style would likely change. At least with regard to my focus, it seems to change with each new work. Therefore, it is difficult for me to make broad statements about my work and its themes. If anything, my work most often contains elements of social commentary, although what element of society I am commenting on is subject to change. Mass media is a favorite, probably because it is so easy to be critical of (but at the same time I have to be careful since I am also being critical of its audience). Stylistically, my influences are the Impressionist and Surrealist painters.

In cases where I felt some explaination would enhance the viewer's enjoyment of a work, I have included a few words to provide more understanding to the piece. These are intentionally kept to a minimum; viewing art is about looking, not about reading.

I have to thank some people in closing. They are:

Kevin Smith
October 30, 1995
North Bay, Ontario, Canada

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