Miles Davis, a long poem sequence by RICHARD STEVENSON, ART by MARLENE MENARD



The following works are dedicated to the spirit of artists like Miles Davis. Performances, scored in memories, become immortal particularly when the player's spirit transcends common use of their artistic instrument. Their playful reflections deliver the emotional, spiritual, and fun-loving grit of life. It is magical. Other spirits catch fire as artists reach forward to grasp, or to kindle the light of their own passions, from the inspiring passing torch.

Inspired by the music of Miles Davis, Richard Stevenson wrote this work; inspired by both the writing of Richard Stevenson, and by the music and art of Miles Davis, Marlene Ménard added the graphics and put the pages together. Selections in this site were made by Ken Stange, providing yet another layer of vision.

POEM:  '58 Sessions
POEM:  Kind Of Blue (1959)
POEM:  1964 - 1968
POEM:  Elegy For John Coltrane
POEM:  "Bang, You're Dead, Motherfucker!"
POEM:  A Palimpsest For Palle
1.Introduction (Miles Davis)
2.White (Isles Avis)
3.Yellow (Diva's Edam)
4.Orange (Devil's Evil)
5.Red (Siva's Slave)
6.Green (Eva's Smile)
7.Blue (Veda's Veil)
8.Electric Red ( Sade's Vise)
9.Indigo (Avid Maids)
10.Violet (Ladies Saved)
POEM:  Live At Montreux With Quincy Jones
POEM:  Listen Up, Wallace
POEM:  Epilogue: Bye Bye Blackbird

Richard Stevenson's Miles Davis long poem sequence
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