Poetry and Visual Art
by Joe Rosenblatt 

Introduction by the editor.

Joe Rosenblatt is one of Canada's finest poets, winner of Canada's national literary prize, the Governor General's Award.  But he is also a highly respected visual artist whose idiosyncratic and intricate drawings are as engaging to the eye as his poetry is to the ear. 

So, naturally, we are very proud to present as Nebula Netzine's 14th issue a substantial sampling of both his poetry and his drawings, from The Voluptuous Gardener, a handsome collection of his art and writing brought out by Beach Holme Publishing.  It is a great pleasure and honour to make some of the work in this fine 'hardcopy' volume available to a wider audience through the miracle of Internet publishing. 

As a reviewer of one of his exhibitions remarked:  "Joe Rosenblatt may not be a mainstream artist, but his art is in the mainstream in all the important ways.  It is above all about life, lust and love and is stamped with the most human quality of all--the ability to provoke laughter… Rosenblatt pokes fun at society, at the vanities we indulge in and draws a world that is a web of human-animal connections."   I'm sure the Internet visitor to this Nebula feature will agree that these are works that do, for all their light-heartedness and quirkiness, delve into the depths of the main current of human existence. 

Poetry Collection 
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