Nebula 17

"I  have seen our world..."  by Paul A. Teolis                       

This, Nebula's 17th issue as a netzine, features a work by Paul A. Teolis that is in accordance with Nebula's policy of featuring creative projects that integrate the domains of art and science, the visual and the textual.  This is not merely a selection of some of Paul's individual photographs; it is a unified whole that combines his stunning and powerful images with succinct commentary on the diverse polarity of the contemporary world.  

A veteran special effects animator, Paul has spent the last 15 years working in commercials and feature films while living in both Toronto and Los Angeles. His work can be seen in DreamWorks ‘Prince of Egypt,  and The Road to Eldorado’  as well as Disney’s ‘A Goofy Movie.’

Between projects he spends much of his time either traveling, writing or shooting film, sometimes all at the same time.  He is currently completing his first novel, Dad’s War, and is actively involved in launching original properties.  More of his work is online at:

Paul Teolis: Email   |   Paul Teolis: WebSite

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