Dear PsycSite Visitor:

All good things must come to an end.  But it is not really a bitter end when your contribution has been acknowledged (as PsycSite’s certainly has), and newer technology has made it possible for other people to contribute more than you did, in your time, to the goals you value.  Brilliantly conceived search engines, currently epitomized by Google, have made the early, primarily ‘link’ sites, such as PsycSite, largely obsolete.  At one time in the evolution of the Internet the problem was finding relevant information in the exponentially expanding universe of online data.  Then creating useful indices was a worthy activity.

Now that indexing is being handled so well by search engines such as Google, people are concentrating more on putting up content, not indices.  And this is obviously good.

PsycSite has over the years served thousands (even tens of thousands, if hit counters can be trusted) in finding solid psychological information and making contacts with resource people in the area of scientific psychology.  But the hard reality is that PsycSite has reached the age of retirement.  So PsycSite is now officially closed!  I say this with no regret, albeit some nostalgia.

My thanks to all the contributors.   And especially to all the people who volunteered to act as ‘resource persons’ to PsycSite visitors in search of information.

Peace in complexity,

Ken Stange  .......    July 2004