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01:  CHILDFOREVER by Ian McCulloch
An excerpt from a new novel by this fine Canadian writer. The full novel has subsequently been published in book form (Mercury Press) and greeted with glowing reviews.
Featured 1995/07/20 - 1995/09/09
02:  CARRYING PLACE by Denis Stokes
This series of intricate and pensive poems won first prize in the 1995 NU-NOW Literary competition.
Featured 1995/09/10 - 1995/10/09
An essay by the editor that was short-listed for the CBC Literary Contest, but has never before been published. 
Featured 1995/10/10 - 1995/11/01
04:  THOU ART ELECTRONIC by Kevin Smith
A full gallery of computer art by the infamous editor of the Acid Free Paper. 
Featured 1995/11/02 - 1995/12/21
05:  THE BUCKSKIN BLONDE by John Kooistra
An elegant prose piece that blurs the boundary between fiction and non-fiction. 
Featured 1995/12/22 - 1996/02/17
In the tradition of The Spoon River Anthology, a series of finely drawn character sketches by the founder and former editor of Poetry Canada.
Featured 1996/02/18 - 1996/03/08
07:  ARTWORKS by Pete Patterson
Brilliant, yet subtle, computer art works by a professional graphics programmer.
Featured 1996/03/09 - 1996/06/01
08:  THREE PIECES by Colin Ward
A literary triptych: the center piece a chapter from a novel, framed by a poem and a song.
Featured 1996/06/02 - 1996/08/09
09:  RETRO-SPECULATIVE by Dan Elzinga
A retrospective of the eclectic work of this North Bay artist.
Featured 1996/08/10 - 1996/12/27
10:  VERY FRANK ART by Francesco Franceschi
A selection of the sophisticated visual art of Italian artist Francesco Franceschi (AKA Frank) presented in full size and full colour.
Featured 1996/12/28 - 1997/09/12
11:  SPIRIT OF MILES by Richard Stevenson with graphics by Marlene Menard
A super multi-media issue:  poetry about the jazz-great Miles Davis by the renown Canadian poet Richard Stevenson, with stunning graphics and webpage design by Marlene Menard.  Hear the poet read. 
Featured 1997/09/13 - 1997/12/05
12:  TEN BROWNIAN (e)MOTIONS by Allan Brown
First publication of ten poems from this noted Canadian poet's latest book:  Shape and Shade
Featured 1997/12/05 - 1998/02/18
A philosopher looks at academically trendy Deconstructionism and Feminism from a skeptical, scholarly, witty and somewhat erotic perspective.   This unusual 'essay' crosses conventional genre in many ways, including the use of concrete poetry in the argument. 
Featured 1998/02/19 - 1998/11/08
14:  THE VOLUPTUOUS GARDEN by Joe Rosenblatt
Poetry and a major exhibition of visual art works by this award winning Canadian poet and artist.  Using rowdy and horny cats as his recurring motif, Rosenblatt has created visual and literary works that, for all their light-heartedness and quirkiness, delve into the depths of the main current of human existence. 
Featured 1998/11/08 - 1998/12/31
Science and art come together in this poetic work, as do the sacred and the profane.  It is, in the author's words, "an interpretation of a religious and cultural mythology through quantum eyes, an interpretation made manifest in the art of poetry."
Featured 1999/01/01 - 2000/11/25
16:  KING'S OWN by Colin Morton
An excerpt from Colin Morton’s novel in progress, King's Own.  The excerpt consists of the beginning of the novel seamlessly connected to a later section so that it stands alone as a unified piece.  In this piece, Morton's mastery of voice and tone creates a kind of verbal daguerreotype -- or maybe an old, black and white photo such as one might find in the attic of a prairie farmhouse.
Featured 2000/11/26 - 2003/02/20
17:  I HAVE SEEN OUR WORLD by Paul Teolis
This issue features a work by Paul A. Teolis that is in accordance with Nebula's policy of featuring creative projects that integrate the domains of art and science, the visual and the textual. This is not merely a selection of some of Paul's individual photographs; it is a unified whole that combines his stunning and powerful images with succinct commentary on the diverse polarity of the contemporary world.
Featured 2003/02/21 - 2005/11/22
18:  ROUGH CUTS by Brett Greene
Here poetry by a young poet, his "selected poems", the results of  his first five years wrestling with the most demanding of genres.  He says he likes to write of "the dire, shady, illicit folks you'd find in the seedy underbelly of post-Victorian literature-pulp fiction, comics, tone poems, and case studies."  Well, whatever his sources of inspiration, he writes well.
Featured 2005/11/23 - 2009/10/17
19: THE STORY BEGINS by Barry Grills
This issue of Nebula contains four beginnings––beginnings of narrative journeys. They are as different as one could possibly imagine, each luring us down very different roads, beckoning us on into strange places, and leaving us there wondering...
Featured 2009/10/18 - 2010/10/22
20: TWO QUESTS FOR MEANING by Tim Robertson
This issue of Nebula contains two poems about wanting the incredible reality of a dream to actually be real. They are about wanting the brilliance of myth to illuminate the mundane. Not surprisingly, this means they are about the entanglement of spiritual and carnal knowledge. They are both sacred and profane. And they are fine poems.
Featured 2009/10/22 - 2010/15/22
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