Raison d'etre

Nebula Net-Zine is an independent arts and science unperiodical, the electronic reincarnation of Nebula Magazine (the prestigious hardcopy literary mag that published from 1975 through 1983). Each issue of this new Nebula contains a single feature reflecting the eclectic and idiosyncratic interests of its editor, Ken Stange. (A complete library of previous features is available online.) Nebula, like its print predecessor, is a non-profit labour of love.


  • To be extremely eclectic and broad in scope. 
  • To present works of literature in a wide variety of genres. 
  • To present unusual and varied works of visual art. 
  • To make each issue a surprise, very different from what has gone before. 

Special Interests

  • The integration of science and art. 
  • The use of the computer and the Internet as artistic and scientific media. 


Those wishing to contribute to Nebula should email the editor with a proposal. The proposal should include the following information:
  • A brief description of the work being offered as a Nebula feature. 
  • A sample of the would-be contributor's work, either as an attachment to the email or as a WEB address where previous work by the person is presented. 
All queries will be responded to promptly, usually within a few days. If the query catches the editor's interest, instructions for submitting the work will be forwarded. Suggestions for features very different from the material that has already appeared in Nebula will be given special consideration, as will work that bridges the gap between art and science.

Nebula is primarily interested in work that has not been previously published either in hardcopy or on the Internet. However, all rights remain with the author/artist. Contributors should be aware that Nebula keeps back issues on an online file in the library section, but will not redistribute -- or make any attempt to profit from -- the work of its contributors. 

Payment to contributors is so small as to be 'nominal', for Nebula is a non-profit, labour of love, publication with very little financial support. However we believe writers and artists are entitled to remuneration for their work and do what we can. We also will be happy to post promotional notices for our contributors - our only advertising.

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