Current Work (1988-1996)

What a wonderful idea, being an artist. Many people say, "Oh, that looks easy, anyone can do that." However, the reality is far from that. The most pressing issue for me as an artists is space. It is fine being able to produce fantastic images, but where do you store them when done? ( You should see Bert Weir's studio in Perry Sound, Loon Studio!) "What kind of work can I produce, given the space I have access to?" I accommodate this question every time I begin a new piece. The amount of capital, and working space very much informs an artist what she/he can and cannot make. I believe the internet is making this an almost meaningless statement. In Cyberspace, everything is as big or as little as you wish.


Boom__BOOM!, collage, 8" X 6".

Crane__Crane, photograph, 9"X6".

It Wasn't Good Enough, 'so I threw it away'!
__ It wasn't Good Enough, colour pencil drawing, 11"X8".

Engine__Engine, photo/collage, 7"x5".


Nature on the Balance
__Nature on the Balance, "Nudge Me", assemblage, found objects, 29"X38"X17".

__Pixi Doll, printed scans on box with doll limbs, 14"X8"X8".

__Bird Flying Under Grate painted relief, 18"X16"X2".


North Bay Waterfront on Saw
__North Bay Waterfront on Saw, oil painting on saw, 72"X 14".

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