Welcome to PsycSite's Information Resource Centre
Info Resources is the heart of PsycSite.   It contains a very extensive list of Internet information resources, carefully selected for serious intent and usefulness.  If you want information about any aspect of the science of psychology, this is the starting point for your Internet `lit search!'

There are four rooms in Psyc Site's Information Resource Center

  • Online Info:  The starting point for a search of the Internet for psychological information.  This page not only contains hundreds of links organised by category and accompanied by a brief description, it also includes links to the very best of the Internet search engines and online library resources.

  • Other MegaSites:  A list of sites similar to PsycSite in that they contain extensive lists of useful links to psychology-related materials.  If PsycSite does not have what you need, you should visit one of these other `launch pads'.

  • Subscriptions: Here one will find information on subscribing to psychological `list-servers' and how to join `news groups' dealing with psychology.

  • Annex:  Educational Psychology:  A special section on Educational Psychology created by a Nipissing University Student as an annex to PsycSite.