The School Years

I attended Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada for my fine arts degree, 1984-1988. The education was a formal one, stressing line, shape, space, colour, light, texture, and composition. I see this as an excellent way to learn about art. I have always wondered, however, why so many art galleries are unwilling to exhibit art completed while artists are in formal training? Sometimes these pieces can be very fine.


Fence Post__Fence Post, lithography, 40" X 20".

Angel on a Balcony__Angel on a Balcony, lithography, 61" X 31". Music influences the art that I make. Whenever I am producing pieces there is always something playing in the background. This particular piece of art was very influenced by the song Angel on a balcony, from Autoamerican, by Blondie.

Lithography was my favorite medium while in school. It was always a wonderful surprise to see the results of my efforts.


clay figure__ Female Figure, clay, 16"X5"X4".
One of the first things you learn in Art School, the figure. In clay, it is much like oil painting. Keep it damp and you can rework it to your hearts content.

FigureStanding Figure, very big, very heavy.
This is a concrete and steel sculpture which was destroyed. This happened after graduation, and before I could pick it up from the school in 1988.

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