Ken Stange's Gallery:  Art Projects

This room is the portal to galleries of  'computer poems' or 'digital art' by Ken Stange, 'hardcopies' of which are represented in numerous public and private collections.

All images are copyrighted Ken Stange but may be shared according to the principles of Creative Commons.  So the relatively low resolution images on this site may be downloaded, used for whatever purpose desired, and freely distributed.  Art, like knowledge, wants to be free, but out of respect for the artist it is asked that the works are not modified and that appropriate acknowledgement of use is given.

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Signed and dated limited edition (10 per image) "hardcopy" monoprints (each unique) printed from the high resolution original works are available for purchase, as are limited edition art books.  Prices are very modest.  Also available is the Limited Edition Art Book: Travellers In Europa. 

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