Backasswards Blogs: Pros and Cons (2015-04-03)

Backasswards Blogs: Pros and Cons (2015-04-03)

Positive: Presenting entries in reverse chronological order means the reader will always encounter the latest entry upon visiting the website. This is of special value if the blog has to do with current events or developments.

Negative: If there is a logical sequence to a series of individual blog entries, as there is in when presenting an argument or telling a story, obviously this would be like making the reader read the article or story backwards.

My approach: I’ve conformed to this convention, even though I may deal with a similar theme for a sequence of blog postings. In that case, I try to make each posting capable of standing alone. And in the archive of each month I present the posting in regular chronological order. This method suits the nature of my blogs and is an attempt to take advantage of both the positive and negative features of order of presentation. © Ken Stange 2012-2015