‘Dirty’ (Poetry) Books

‘Dirty’ (Poetry) Books

I recently read a fine collection of poems by Michael Dennis entitled Arrows Of Desire, and was again reminded of what I know I people who don’t read poetry (which is most people) think poetry is like. It is common knowledge that current novels often are quite explicit, and, incidentally, seem to sell well, independent of their literary value. But that poetry can be just as erotic doesn’t fit with its strait-laced stereotype. This is sad, because ‘dirty books’ have considerable market value and poets would appreciate a larger market—even if their readers’ initial interests were only prurient.

Here is what Yann Martel (author of Life of Pi, winner of the Man Booker Prize) had to say about Arrows Of Desire by Michael Dennis.

 “Michael Dennis wrote Arrows Of Desire with his cock, and readers will be grateful, for that that cock is driven hard by true poet’s heart. Lust is honest, unflinching, needy, sad, joyous, and unmistakably human—as are these poems, as is this poet.”

 Check out Arrows Of Desire here:  http://gsph.com/index.php?route=product/product&manufacturer_id=110&product_id=310

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