Further Remarks Re Proofing And Writing Tools

Further Remarks Re Proofing And Writing Tools

In my last posting, I tipped my hat to my wife for her immeasurable help as my unpaid and conscientious editor, and I have written previously that I don’t impose on her for doing it on these blog postings as well. I accept full responsibility for any egregious errors in them. I need to reserve her skills for editing my books and other stuff going out for publication.

But apparently she can’t easily step out of the role of editor. Too many years of doing it for me, and too many years correcting papers for her English composition courses at Nip, have made it hard for her to read anything at all without honing in on any typos or anything she considers poor phrasing or incorrect grammar. When she does it to what I write, I take consolation in knowing I’ve heard her do it to the writing of great writers I respect.

So when she pointed out what should have been obvious typos and problems in my last two posts, I was appreciative, but admittedly very dismayed. The embarrassing irony is that I was partially writing about careful proofreading! And I really do it several times before posting a blog. Really, I do! I swear! (I may be obsessive-compulsive, but I’m just not good at proofing my own stuff.)

I think I’ve fixed the problems, but I know that while correctly something, I often introduce a fresh error.

I shudder to think what is messed up in this one. Be forgiving. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. (Advice I give, but sometimes fail to follow.)

Erratum: “correctly” should be “correcting”.

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