Fickle fate

Fickle Fate

They say you shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep. Well, I blew it! I said I’d be back soon. That was in August! (I suppose I could argue that ‘soon’ is relative.)

Various events kept me too busy to return.  One of them was fracturing my hip, followed by surgery, followed by complications, and still ongoing rehabilitation.

A more cheerful reason for my delay is that I switched away from working on Chicago Days: Growing Up Absurd On The South Side to finally completing my magnum opus on creativity: the Secret Agents trilogy.  I’d been working on this project for over a decade. It was a major milestone to finally see it to completion and publication.  

Secret Agents Past: The Parting Of The Waters

Secret Agents Present: Looking Through A Glass Darkly

Secret Agents Future: Going Where There Be Dragons © Ken Stange 2012-2015